Whether your course is just a figment of your imagination or it’s already successfully helping students, here are all the ways I can help you create a deeply engaging course experience.

Build Your Course

Increase Your Authority

Monetize Your Expertise

Need rescuing from yourself?


You're new to course creation and you want to create an engaging course that lights you up when you teach it and be sure it motivates your students to get  results from your wisdom!

You’ve written all the content and created a framework. You know you can help so many people, you just don’t know how to share that knowledge and put it in a place where people can access and buy it.

Time to Scale

You're an established biz and already have successful products!

Maybe you're a motivational speaker or an author; or maybe you teach in person, one to one or in a group, like yoga, exercise or an art or craft, and now you'd like to turn that source of income into something more passive or scale what you offer so you can teach more people!

Too busy

You’ve been eyeing up Kajabi, you know it's the tech stack you need for your course to be successful but you’re busy delivering the other services you offer, and can’t take a break to learn how to build a course on a new platform.

It makes perfect sense to pay someone else to do it for you!

I love Kajabi and specialise in course creation so this is definitely something I can help you with.

Meg Burrage - Heart centred Apprentice

Claire is exceptionally talented when it comes to creating not only beautiful courses but courses that can engage and motivate with integrated gamification. If you need someone to help you create a true learning experience for your students that will get them results and are tired of stock standard product set-up, Claire is the lady you want to talk to. She is never short of a great idea but better than that, she can bring it to life!

You're steps away from transforming your course building experience!

There are three levels of course creation to choose from, you don’t need to decide yet though, we'll have a chat first to work out what would be best for you and your business before you have to decide anything!

Simply Build My Course

When you know ‘Create Course’ is the next chapter in your business building adventure.... but you’re struggling to progress because the tech gremlins are holding you back from launching, I can build your course for you on Kajabi so you can move forward and share your expertise with the world!


  • Your product theme
  • Designed to your Branding
  • Build your Course framework/structure (Up to 8 Modules/40 lessons)
  • Add your Course Content and associated supporting assets
  • Customise Side Bar and Navigation
  • Library and Log in page
  • Follow up Support

Build and Lightly Gamify My Course

You already have a successful course but you're struggling with engaging and motivating your course participants? Adding the magic of Gamification to your course could be the answer you're looking for! Badges, certificates and lockable content takes your course experience to  whole new level!


  • All of Simply Build or transfer your current course to a Premier/Momentum Gamify Lite Kajabi product template and....
  • Add badges to reward student actions (up to six)
  • Send badges using email automation (one per badge)
  • Universal Course Completion Certificate
  • Lock content to release bonuses 
  • Up to 5 (ten question) Quizzes to test knowledge

Build my Course and Gamify like a Pro

The Full Shebang! If you're looking for a product that really nails gamification for your students this is the thing for you. Badges, certificates, locked content, extra blocks, flexibility and much more! Engage and motivate your students and have them shouting about you from the rooftops and coming back for more! 


  • All of Gamify Lite or transfer your current course to a Premier/Momentum Gamify Pro product template and....
  • Unlimited badges
  • Student named certificates
  • Multi level Modules
  • Extra blocks for upsells or rewards
  • Fully customisable styling options
  • Drop down navigation
  • Accordian sidebar menu (Momentum only)



Book a call with me

We'll have a 15 minute video call on zoom so we can meet each other ...it's always nice to put a face to a name isn't it? 

This is a good opportunity for us to ask each other questions and get a feel for the project.  We'll talk about what needs to happen to make your course come alive while you sit back and watch the magic happen! 


Transformations by our Friends

Your audience needs what you have to offer but you can't share your knowledge and expertise with a half finished course. Let me take care of building something you can be proud of, that your ideal clients will love, without the tech hold-ups!

"What can I say about the support Claire gave me for Kajabi? Outstanding! From start to finish Claire listened, talked through ideas with me and most importantly for me, made me take action there and then to get it done.

Claire really focuses on the customer journey, start to finish, which helps the whole thing flow, and means that I could create a concise plan of what I needed to do to go from zero to launch. A really positive experience!"


"Claire really was amazing during the whole process. She answered all of my questions and also helped me sort through what was the best design to choose for certain pages. She has a ton of knowledge about Kajabi and knows how to work wonders. I appreciate her willingness to listen to what I needed and then implement it accordingly. She was careful as to how to create pages and in-putting the correct info. Often she would make helpful suggestions to make sure my site would be functioning optimally. I really appreciate her work and highly recommend her. If you are hesitating one bit, please do yourself a favour and just go for it - you will not regret it and your business needs it!"


These are the stages we will go through when we work together.

Some of the finer details of what's included in your investment and how the project will flow!

It Starts with a Discovery Call

We'll have a 15 minute video call on zoom so we can meet each other ...it's always nice to put a face to a name isn't it?... and overview your course creation needs to make sure this is exactly what you need. This is a good opportunity for us to ask each other questions and get a feel for the project.

You'll Receive a Welcome Pack

I'll send you a summary of what we discussed and your steps for moving forward with your course set-up on Kajabi. This will be accompanied by a welcome pack (with a contract and invoice included) so you know exactly how we will work together and what your investment is.

Lets Talk about the Details

Once the contract has been signed and returned with your investment paid we can start on the fun stuff! I'll send you a link to my calendar so you can book a 60 minute kick off session at a time convenient to you via Zoom. This will help us both get clarity on the finer details of your course creation, plan and share ideas.

Collecting your Course Content

This is the bit you need to invest a little time in by completing all the info I need to make the magic happen. Based on our kick off call discussions I design a form to gather all the information you'd like included in your course (up to 25 lessons) including your brand assets, the written course content and the relevant downloads and/or workbooks. The software also allows us to connect directly with any questions or queries relevant to the information you've sent so everything stays neatly organised in one place!

Your Finished Masterpiece!

We all like the reassurance of a little 'behind the scenes' knowledge, so once everything is looking beautiful and ready for you to launch, I will record a video walking you through exactly how all your modules and lessons are laid out and you can see how it all co-ordinates and flows together! This gives you the opportunity to ask for any small tweaks or edits to be done before I officially hand the course over to you.

Follow up Support

It doesn't end there! 
You'll also get 15 days of follow up support for any tech queries or if you need answers to questions you think of after you've signed off the project.


Here's what you need to have in place so you're ready to jump-start your course progress and free up time and mental space!

1. Your Branding Assets

Your brand assets are in place and ready to use, which includes your Logo's, Favicon, Font choices and brand colours.

2. Your course outline and Content

You have all your content mapped out in a framework including category, module and lesson post names. The all important Course Content: You've written all your course content, your videos are full of useful info and recorded, and you have beautifully designed your workbooks and downloadable assets to support your ideal client learning.

3. The Course Copy and Graphic designs

The copy for each Module and Lesson post descriptions are drafted and ready to use. Any graphic design and images you'd like to use in your course including thumbnails for your categories and lesson posts are being designed.


There’s an easier way than struggling to do it all yourself and feeling frustrated and stuck in the process. 

The tech can be the thing  that stops you moving forward when you just want to get it done so you can share your expertise with the world!

Over the past 3 years, I've helped lots of course creators just like you move their business forward by taking away the tech overwhelm.





If time is short, all you need is someone who knows Kajabi inside out to take action and get things done efficiently and quickly so you know you’ll have a product ready to sell, then all you need to do is the fun stuff, aka launch!

I make the magic happen to deliver a launch ready product in much less time than it would take for you to tackle all the tech and behind the scenes connections that make a course flow, leaving you to deliver your course without any hiccups.

I’m a kajabi specialist trained by the lovely Meg Burrage (affectionately nicknamed ‘Kajabi Meg’ because what she doesn’t know about Kajabi ain’t worth knowing'!).I’ve been working with business owners and entrepreneurs using Kajabi since 2019, creating engaging, motivating and effective online courses.


Not quite ready for the gamification experience?

Here's what you can expect from me if you hop on to my email list 

  • A weekly (ish) newsletter type email 
  • We'll focus on engagement, motivation and connection (AKA gamification) and all things Kajabi
  • Occasionally I'll throw in a book review if I've read something I've found useful or has helped me in some way
  • Sometimes I'll let you know about other fabulous businesses that are offering knowledge or a service that can help your business grow