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I'm interested in a framework to help me develop and organise my course ideas


I need help with student engagement, motivation and retention.


I'd like to find out more about gamification


I need help with building my course in Kajabi, what services do you offer?


I need some really specific advice and want to pick your brains about it.


I'm looking for my courses. How do I log in?


Online course creation is at an all time high and how you keep your course participants engaged and motivated is a hot topic of conversation!

Gamification is the answer but what is it, why do you need it in your business and where do you even start?!

If you want your audience to know the simple secrets behind really successful engaging content that incorporates the fun and magic of gamification for:

  •  students actually getting results from your content
  • client retention, helping them make progress through your course
  • talk trigger recommendations...getting your course participants to shout from the rooftops about you
  • and repeat purchase, students that want to buy from you again and again

....all whilst knowing their course has kept participants engaged all the way through, I'd love to chat to you on your podcast or join you to guest teach a mini masterclass to your community.


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