The What, the Why and the How?

Making your educational material more engaging and motivating for better learning outcomes is essential in this crowded online world. 

But what is gamification, why do we need it and how do we start to implement it? This workshop helps you gain a better understanding of the benefits of gamification and why it's so important to be using these strategies and process in your business.


Grow your Audience

Increase Your Authority

Monetize Your Expertise

What is in this gamification mini course?

This mini course will help you understand gamification better

  • Get to grips with the Why? behind the strategy
  • See How? implementation works
  • See What? gamification strategies the big companies are using to hook you into their brands
Maybe you're thinking.......



You've heard of gamification and you're curious as to what it actually entails!


You've heard it's just points, badges and certificates so you think you don't need it in your business!


You know you want to add it to your business but you have no idea what processes or strategies you need to add or where to even start!

I get it...

There's a lot of information out there about gamification.

It can feel insurmountable when you are faced with a new strategy that you think you probably should use in your business but you haven't got a clue where to start.

I've helped businesses just like yours achieve results using gamification strategies in their courses and memberships to

  • Increase motivation so students consume your content
  • Encourage better engagement with you and in your community
  • Increase course completion rates
  • Support better client retention¬†
  • See more referrals for their product


"If you want to learn the What, the Why, and the How of Gamification in less time than your lunch break, then Claire’s mini-course on Gamification is perfect for you! I loved that it included easy-to-implement strategies not only for courses, but that you also can use for newsletters, your website, and social media to encourage and increase engagement. It’s been an eye-opener!"

You can TRANSFORM your understanding of gamification and how it can positively impact your business with

The What? the Why? and the How? of Gamification for Course Creators

A introduction to gamification strategies and processes

Gamification is used to solve a problem in your course or membership.

We can't simply slap in a couple of badges and a certificate and keep our fingers crossed for better results 

What's in this mini course...

What is Gamification?

Let's dispel some myths and take a look at what gamification really is, yes it does include badges, points and certificates;  but what else is involved?

What suits your audience?

Gamification strategies are audience specific, so how do we identify what our audience type is and which strategies fit them?

Setting Objectives!

Objectives? Yes, as we said, there's more to this than badges and certificates, we need to think about what objective the gamification strategy is ticking!

Which Strategy Goes Where?

Matching the right strategy to the objective

Gamification Branding

What? Gamification needs its own brand? Oh Yes! It's not always appropriate to use our biz branding for our gamification, I'll explain why! 

A Better Understanding of Gamification

By the end of this mini course you'll have a much greater understanding of what gamification actually is so you can decide if you need it in your business!


What's My Investment?

If you're considering adding gamification to your course it's vital you understand the theory behind what you implement so you're not spending your time and wasting money on strategies or processes that don't work for your audience.

This mini course gives you the overview you need to make a decision so you can invest your time and money wisely.



  • What is Gamification?
  • Why Bother?
  • Know your Audience
  • Setting Objectives
  • A Strategy Overview
  • Gamification Branding
  • How to get Started


I want your happiness & satisfaction to be  guaranteed. 

I know that this course is  heaped with helpful information so you can decide if gamification is for your business before you spend your hard earned cash on implementing gamification strategies, but I want you to be happy as well as informed so I offer a 14 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Just send me an email with some feedback so I can ensure I'm delivering what people need and improve the future of the course and I'll process the refund for you.

Hello There!

As business owners we can have loads of fantastic ideas that sit in a notebook just waiting for us to bring them to life.

I love to help you untangle your thoughts and find order amongst the chaos by turning your jumbled up mess of ideas into a course framework, leaving you with actionable steps moving forward and re-motivated to get your idea out to the world!

Want your students to have some fun while they learn? I incorporate the magic of gamification to motivate and engage your students whilst ensuring their success so they will buy from you again and again!

Hmmm, Gamification? I'm Curious

Good! I can't wait to welcome you!