Collaboration and connection is the key to a successful business!

Running a business can sometimes get complicated, I LOVE to help  small businesses build success and using the right software for you is key to you getting results!

Save Time

Save Effort

Save Money

When you've got a fantastic idea, no matter where you are at in your business journey, the right tools can:

Save you Time

When everything flows together it's so much easier to focus on the tasks that are your zone of genius!

Save you Effort

Automations make life easier, they remove so many steps from our brain, we can relax and get on with the important stuff without being in the weeds doing all the things!

Save you Money

We can spend a lot paying others to help us when sometimes all we need is the right tools or software to bring things together leaving you time to focus on the task that make you money, double win for the bank account!

These are tools I have used and in my business

These are honest recommendations for tools, apps or memberships I have used to help build my business. Some I used when I was doing it all on a shoe-string and some I still currently use today!


Kajabi contains all the features you need to sell, market and deliver your content. Because they make it incredibly easy to turn your knowledge and content into products you can sell, I am a huge fan of this powerful tool, it is my favourite thing! Inside my business, I specifically use Kajabi for my course platform, email sequencing, sales pages and funnels. I also host my website on Kajabi. When you give Kajabi a try through me, you get a 30 day trial instead of 14 which gives you a real chance to explore all the functions and play around!


penny in your pocket product templates

Penny helps entrepreneurs build amazing online courses, websites and sales pages using Kajabi themes and templates - she also creates tutorials to help you work with her templates seemlessly. If you are looking for beautiful and functional designer Kajabi templates Penny is your Gal!


meg burrage wesite, funnel and salespage templates

Meg's templates are fantastic for Kajabi hero's. Her range of Designer Kajabi templates will have your website and all it's pages and funnels looking newly polished, professional and compelling in no time at all. All templates come with Canva Designs & Copy Prompts and a fantastic 30 Days of Comprehensive Training Access & Support.


worditide -sales and marketing copywriting

Laura is a Copywriting coach for people selling their expertise and services online. If you’ve got skills, knowledge, experience, talents and/or abilities that other people are willing to pay for and you want to package, market, sell and deliver that expertise in a way that’s profitable and enjoyable, Laura's your Gal! 


collaboration station

Whether you’re in Month 1 of your online business, or Year 3, one things is always true, you need to reach more people. Organic content and paid advertising each play a key role in this as your business evolves but something that often goes largely untapped are the power of collaborations.To create a bigger impact Collab Station can give you the very best collab strategies and partners!


chat gpt with julie hall

There are lots of conversations about how AI fits into our business! I use Chat GPT as a place to start content ideas, some inspiration before adding in my own, much needed, personality and knowledge! This training is the best, with the opportunity to buy prompts for your specialist field so you can really nail how to use Chat GPT to your advantage.



Canva is the ultimate design tool for non-designers. It’s user-friendly and the free version gives you access to most features. Use Canva to create shareable social media images, cover photos, even video thumbnails. In no time, you'll be on your way to building a memorable online brand. 


the cocoon business membership

If you're ready to carve your own path and build a business on YOUR terms, Life-Friendly Business is for you! Erin Thomas Wong is the host of the Life-Friendly Business Podcast and founder of The Cocoon VIP Membership and she is all about helping you to lean into your zone of genius and to grow and scale your business at your own pace.


Just a Heads-Up!

All of these are tools, apps, memberships or products I have used in my business.  I only wholeheartedly recommend the tools I have found useful and also think you might find useful to help you create a profitable business you love! 

Some of these are affiliate links, because...#savvybusinesswoman! and some are just products I use, love and am happy to recommend regardless of whether there's an associated affiliate payment.

Have fun exploring your options and discovering new digital toys to play with 🥳

Hello There! 

If time is short, all you need is someone who knows Kajabi inside out to take action and get things done efficiently and quickly so you know you’ll have a product ready to sell, then all you need to do is the fun stuff, aka launch!

I make the magic happen to deliver a launch ready product in much less time than it would take for you to tackle all the tech and behind the scenes connections that make a course flow, leaving you to deliver your course without any hiccups.

I’m a kajabi specialist trained by the lovely Meg Burrage (affectionately nicknamed ‘Kajabi Meg’ because what she doesn’t know about Kajabi ain’t worth knowing'!).I’ve been working with business owners and entrepreneurs using Kajabi since 2019, creating engaging, motivating and effective online courses.