Kajabi Product Templates designed specifically with Gamification in mind!

­čÄë┬á I have┬áproudly partnered with Jiffy Courses Online to offer you a range of Designer Kajabi product templates┬áspecifically designed with gamification in mind!┬á

There are two versions available, based on the Momentum and Premier themes, that will have your Kajabi courses engaging, motivating and connecting your course members!

Elevate their student experience to the next level so you both get results and feel successful ­čą│

The Gamify Pro and Gamiflix Templates for Kajabi 

Gamification Badges

Students achieve better results when they are recognised for their efforts. You can upload your own custom badges and decide when and how they are rewarded to participants. Choose whether they're displayed in a greyed out version to encourage students to collect or have them completely hidden until they're awarded.

Customise your Course Certificates

Add certificates to your training! Whether you want to give certificates for a specific lesson, a module or the whole course you can design in Canva and upload them to your course. The template will automatically customise the name and date for students to then download or print. 

New Styling Options

Adjust the size of the side bar and lesson overview. Add custom blocks to the side bar that can be displayed or disappear depending on student actions. 

Move your badges around on the display from the top to the side or under your lessons too!

Offer Related Blocks and Upsells

Hidden blocks that appear based on student actions (like when they achieve something), or disappear (like if they buy a product or upsell) are a fun way to add bonuses or encourage members to buy related products.

Dropdown Navigation 

 Display all your course content in an accordian style menu (Momentum only) so students can easily navigate their way around the course without having to sift through lots of lesson titles to find where they want to be. Not only does it keep things neat and tidy it saves time and looks kinda pretty!

Match to your Business Branding 

Make the product theme your own with your brand colours. You can select fonts from Kajabi or import any custom fonts you've purchased. All that is left to do is add your graphics and copy so it feels integral with your website and other products you offer.


Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate for these digital products and will earn a commission should you choose to purchase one of these packs, but rest assured, I would never recommend something I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in and use in my own business.