The Heart Centred Apprentice Program

From Kajabi Chaos to Kajabi Hero!

I often get asked how did I come to be a Kajabi Hero. What was I doing before I started working on Kajabi projects and what led me to where I am today?
The Heart Centred Apprentice (the program I went through to get from Zero to Hero!😉) is launching again this month so now seemed like a good time to tell you about my journey. 🥳

My pre-entrepreneur background is in retail management, I’ve written and delivered training for an international airline reframing customer relationships and how they interact with their frequent flyer scheme, and I’ve also worked in the charity sector as an Events and HR Manager. After my third child and relocating from London to Dorset I wanted the flexibility of work fitting around my family life so set up as self employed. I’ve had several small businesses with varying degrees of success, all retail based physical products, Kajabi was my introduction to a service orientated online business and is by far my most successful!

Before I met Meg and Kimi I was using Kajabi to host a side hustle whilst also helping friends with Kajabi based businesses. I kind of accidentally fell into building my current business, I found Kajabi intuitive and easy to use compared to other platforms I’d used for my previous ventures. As I helped friends with their businesses I realised how much I loved it so decided to make it a more lucrative income than just helping them for free. I was self taught in Kajabi using the University so whilst I was competent there were a lot of gaps in my knowledge, it was a bit 'luck of the draw' taking on clients, some good, some not so good and I struggled to find any kind of continuity. And then I saw Meg Burrages post in her Kajabi Sandpit group about her new adventure with Kimi Brown. They called it The Heart Centred Apprentice.

By following the modules in HCA I became more efficient and developed better working practices. I went from the chaos of trying to offer ‘all the services’ to the calm of knowing I’m sitting in a space where I’m comfortable and offering a specific service to clients so they get the best experience!  I’m based in the UK but I work with clients all over the world, the majority of my clients come from the US. Being in business and specialising in Kajabi specifically, has been a game changer for me.

HCA rekindled my flare for gamification; I ‘Gamified’ Megs' latest version of the Course Creator Incubator on Kajabi. It reignited my love of customer focus and how we can incorporate all these exciting things into courses and memberships so that not only do our students succeed, but we have our clients shouting from the rooftops about us too! I’ve really focused on course building and I’m currently working on a new membership which will launch in April, Simplifying Course Creation and Gamification (You can get on the waitlist here). With Kajabi introducing gamification product templates and their community product (which has built in gamification capabilities) it’s a really exciting time to be building a business that’s service based and customer focused!

Working with Meg and Kimi in HCA has given me a support structure, it has shown me where and how to be more efficient and have better working practices making an all round better experience for my clients and a much less stressful working environment for me.  Where I’ve been less successful with past businesses, their leadership has supported me through alternative thinking and decision making. Not to mention access to the wealth of knowledge they share between them both in business and with regard to Kajabi itself.

HCA is very much at the heart of everything Meg and Kimi do. They aren’t mentors that sit on the sidelines or instruct from afar, they are in the thick of it, they get to know your business so they can truly help you thrive in the online space and they’ve built a fantastic community of equally invested entrepreneurs who are always there to support each other through the up’s and downs that we all go through and make you smile! 

I’ve still got a lot to learn but the lovely thing about HCA is we’re always learning from each other as a community, and Meg and Kimi are all about the support we need for growth, how they can provide it as well as the friendships and connections that are essential for us to succeed!

If you’re already a Kajabi Service Provider and want to fine tune what you do, come and join us in the Heart Centred Apprentice program, the free training starts this week. We’re a friendly bunch with professional tendencies!

BTW, These photos were taken at the Kajabi Hero Live event in Texas in May 2023. It was an absolute blast to spend time with my fellow HCA Ladies!


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